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Education: The key to a brighter future!

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo children are given the opportunity to attend school if they are able to pay a three dollar a month school fee. During the war, there was no school. After, the three dollar fee prevented most orphans from attending school. They missed several years but are now back in school and eager to learn.

The children come to school speaking Swahili. They begin learning French, the official language of DRC, and continue with classes taught in French throughout high school. In third grade they begin learning English. Bunia is in eastern DRC. They trade with Uganda. Uganda is an English speaking nation. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the children to learn English.

The drop-out rate for African children is high. In 2009, while applying for a grant the issue was raised. We were to explain how we would address and correct the problem of students dropping out of school. I asked Furaha, the School Mistress, how many students dropped out of school at Baraka Academy. She said not one orphan has dropped out! The only children to drop out were the children of parents who were unable to pay the school fee or those who had moved away. A zero percent drop-out rate is unheard of in any school!

Baraka Academy is highly respected not only in Eastern DRC but in the nation’s capitol as well. Bisoke, the Director of BCHC, was invited by the Minister of Education to attend a conference in Kinshasa. Bisoke was given the opportunity to talk about Baraka Academy. Those in attendance were able to learn of its structure, daily operation and services provided by Baraka Academy. Bisoke returned home with new French books for Standards One- Four.

The Baraka Academy provides more than just an education to children: It provides HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!
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