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The clinic is located on the grounds of Baraka Academy. It began as a two room, two beds, and one nurse clinic. It was at the end of the building that housed classrooms and the Headmaster’s office. As the number of children increased, the need for larger facilities grew as well. Today, the clinic is a stand- alone building within a stone’s throw from the classrooms and playground.

The clinic has four wards and is open to the public. There are separate wards for men, women, boys and girls and sleeping quarters for a staff person. The clinic is operated by three nurses and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The orphaned children receive free care. The general public is charged for medical care but at a reduced rate, providing affordable care for many. Revenue generated from the general public will decrease operational costs.
The Lord knew the needs and the timing of the needs. Just after completion, many children were stricken by H1N1 type illness. Of the six hundred children, four hundred required treatment and “hospitalization” at the clinic for one to two weeks. The clinic was full for about four weeks. However, we had an adequate facility and all children recovered. There was no loss of life! All praise to Him! The children suffer from chronic typhoid and malaria. The nursing staff is hopeful they will be able to reduce the number of cases of each through education and training.

All families are given water purification tablets for drinking water. We are in the process of providing several families with a water filtration system that would replace the tablet. See additional information on the system under the heading of Projects.


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Thomas Bamaraki Wamara, Nurse

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