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Modern farming has arrived:

The gift of the tractor and farm equipment will not only eliminate much of the manual labor but move the ministry towards self-sustainability. Thank you for this very special gift.

The Bunia Children’s Hope Center has been richly blessed with land on which to grow crops, vegetables graze cattle and house other animals. It is the goal of BCHC to become self-sufficient, mostly through the farming operation.

Elsie Scaife worked with a doctor to develop a balanced diet for the children. With that information, Fred and Elsie worked with Furaha and Bisoke to determine what could be grown to fulfill the dietary needs of the children. One additional land was acquired, a vegetable garden was planted and animals were purchased.

Today the vegetable garden produces many different types of food for the children. A river borders the garden which supplies the needed moisture during the dry season. Currently the means of watering is done by hand. Pails are dipped into the river and carried up the hill to the plants. Watering cans distribute the water as needed. Once a tractor is acquired, a pump will be purchased to work off the power take off and allow for much less labor to be involved in that process. Plus the tractor will allow for all of the land to be under tillage. Today’s farm work is truly labor!

Crops are grown at two other locations along with 1000 banana plants. The plants produced an abundance of bananas this year and more are on the way. Of these two pieces of land, one is bordered by a river. The river will be a source of irrigation during the dry season.

Pictured below is the tribal chief of the community of Shari. He has donated land to the Center. His only request was to set apart a small portion of the land and develop it as a soccer field for the children of Shari to use.


The animal farm continues to grow. A small herd of cattle is taken out each day by the herder. The cattle graze on open range and drink from the river. The herder’s day ends when he returns the cattle to an enclosed pen each night.

This summer 47 goats and 3 sheep were purchased to provide a source of meat. In the Congo, only the cow’s milk is consumed by people.

A few swine have been added and soon we will begin adding chickens to the farm as well.



Farmer's hand tools

Preparing the soil


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