My name is Bamanyisa.  Before the war everything was OK in my family.  I was married to one husband and we give birth to seven children, 3 boys and 4 girls. We were living in a village called Kunda.  My husband was an agricultural man.  We had much food to fee our children.  My husband was doing everything so that our family had a good life.  After harvesting things from the farm, he was putting some of the food in storage for eating, while some was sold to cover different expenses of the family.  All of our children who reach the school-age were going to school.
When the war came here to Congo in 1999, everything became black to me.  This is because I lost all the property and my husband died because of lack of medicine.  He was not sick but when we were running, we were separated from each other, by bad luck, he meet the group of rebels.  They beat him a lot and left him in the forest.  Me and the children were running in one village and he was running in another.  When I learned the news that he was beaten, I come back to his village to find him.  I found him, but there was no hope of helping him, no hospital, no food, no cloth, etc.....  After one week he died.  We did his burial on the road and then I went to join our children.  My children and I ran until we reached the refuge camp in Bunia.  On our way we met a child who was crying alone, the bodies of the both parents were there.  I only pick the child up and we continued our way to Bunia.  There we found many displaced people like us.  The refugee's camp was a unique place that was safe for people. There we get food, plastic bash (a type of plastic that is used as a roof) to build a small home for me and the children.  We had not eaten for 2 weeks.  At the camp, we ate and the children were very happy, but, me, I was not happy because I lost my husband.
We stayed in the camp for five years, during this time we were receiving food and water from different NGC's which were there.  In June 2004, they stopped serving us.  Our life became harder.  The children were not going to school; we were not receiving food from International NGO's.  People needed to work to get food. This makes life more complicated. Then I meet Furaha and Bisoke, I talk to them about the situation I went through.  They accepted to take all the children that I have in school.  the children started learning, but the life was still hard, because it was hard to feed the children.  When the Women Development Program started at BCHC, women were receiving loans. I was among these women.  I started to sell fish, then potatoes, and now I am selling charcoal.
Since this Micro Loan project has started, it has helped me a lot in my family.  Like my husband passed a way.  No body is there to help me, but the micro business loan took the place of my husband.  When I sell things in the market, the income I get help me to satisfy some of the needs of my children.  Now I am able to rent a small house for me and my children.  this day I am able to feed my children at least once per day.
Therefore, now I have hope that all those children will get educated and I am able to help them.  Now I am taking care of eight children.



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