My name is Lakeri Nyakaisi. I am 42 years old.  I am a widow.  My husband died here in Bunia in 1992 before the war came in Bunia.  He was suffering on kidney diseases.  The doctor had advised us to take him for the big surgery in Uganda Kampala, but we were poor.  We did not succeed to take him in Kampala and after one month he died.  My husband and I gave birth to one girl who died at the age of 9 years.
Since BCHC started I have accepted to receive 2 boys, and with them we are staying together in my little house.  I have accepted to take care of those 2 children because I knew both of their parents who died during the tribal clashes here in Bunia.
Thanks a lot for the creation of BCHC, this organization helped the orphan children to get educated, feed them and do any necessary things for the orphans.  Then BCHC helped us widows by creating to us the group of women called Women Development.  This group has helped me a lot.  For the beginning I was selling the milk.  This day I am selling milk and fishes.  I already build a house which remainsonly to put door on and windows.
Thanks a lot for your assistance to us via the micro business program.

Lakeri Nyakaisi

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