My name is Biganbwenda Susane.  I am 38 years old.
My husband died before the war started here in Komanda.  He died after suffering a lot with typhoid.  We did not give birth to any children together.
When the war arrived in Ituri District, I was living in Ndoya.  Then the situation of the war became worse, I ran up to refugee's camp at Bunia.
One day I met Furaha in the church and she asked me if I will accept to take care of a girl called Bonebane Kabasinguzi who was learning at Babaks'a academy.  Then she is an orphan child.  i asked her for some thinking.  After one week I came back to Furaha and picked the girl.  Now she has been staying with me for 3 years..
In the micro-business loan program I am selling Palms oil, Soya flour,and tomatoes at small makket in Kanysai.  this program allows me to be able to serve myself and need of my family.
Thanks a lot for your assistance for me and for this orphan child.

Biganbwenda Susane

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